Cellular Oxygenation

In the captivating realm of cellular oxygenation, life’s intricate choreography unfolds. Each breath we take initiates a remarkable process, where oxygen embarks on a transformative journey within our bodies. As we inhale, oxygen gracefully enters our lungs, greeted by millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli. Like delicate petals, these alveoli exchange gases, allowing oxygen to diffuse into the bloodstream. Guided by the rhythmic beating of our hearts, oxygen embarks on a grand voyage, carried by red blood cells through a vast network of intricate vessels.

Scientists have clearly demonstrated that hypoxia, or lack of cellular oxygenation, is a factor responsible for the development of a large number of various diseases and conditions, including cancer.

This is why good cellular oxygenation is fundamental to limit oxidative stress, hypoxia, and the creation of a breeding ground for the development of many diseases.

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