Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Biomagnetic therapy is a natural therapy that includes the use of static magnets to restore the balance of a wide variety of physical and emotional disorders, which extends to circulatory dysfunction, arthritis, chronic pain in the spine and peripheral joints, disorders of the sleep, stress, digestive, headaches, fibromyalgia, emotional somatization, blockages.

Biomagnetism is a non-invasive modern technique, this means that magnets are placed on the body or on the extremities. It is a complementary technique to medical treatments and is suitable for anyone,

Biomagnetism corresponds to the techniques based on energy within natural therapies and represents a particularly exceptional alternative in cases where there may be associations with bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, pH changes in organs or tissues and emotional energy imbalances. .

What is the Biomagnetic Pair

The original definition of the Biomagnetic Pair (PB) was written in 1988 by the Mexican doctor Isaac Goiz Durán (1941 – 2021), discoverer of the PB, and it says: «The biomagnetic pair is a set of charges that identify a pathology and that is constituted by two main charges of opposite polarity, which are formed at the expense of the fundamental alteration of the pH of the organs that support it 1».

More than two decades later, his son David Goiz Martínez, a doctor like his father, redrafted the original definition of PB for educational, professional and legal reasons, as he himself expressed in the publication of his Guide to Biomagnetic Pairs in 2017. , in which he presents this new definition: «The Biomagnetic Pair is the set of dysfunctional bioelectric charges that are related to a pathology, and which is made up of two main charges of opposite polarity, which are formed at the expense of bioelectric alteration and pH, of the tissues or organs that support them in a living organism»

Currently we understand that the Biomagnetic Pair refers to the bioelectric charges that are in a state of equilibrium and naturally in healthy tissues or organs. A dysfunction occurs when the equilibrium state of the bioelectric charges is altered, being possible to observe through the shortening of one of the extremities by placing a magnet on the altered organ or tissue (tracking).

Let us remember that the PB is made up of two charges of opposite polarity, so the placement of a second magnet in opposite polarity (to the first tracking magnet) on a different organ or tissue but which is in resonance with the dysfunctional organ or tissue , it will depolarize the resonant charges and correct the shortening phenomenon in the extremities.

It is assumed with this that the therapeutic effect occurs with the correct depolarization and elimination of the dysfunctional charges, the observations on this phenomenon showed that results are obtained from magnets with a minimum power or greater than 1,000 Gauss.

An interesting aspect of PB is its ability to neutralize the association of microorganisms with dysfunctional organs or tissues. This is because charges greater than 1,000 Gauss drag and decrease the magnetic field of viruses and bacteria, in this way microorganisms are inactivated. Another interesting aspect is the ability of PB to eliminate its electromagnetic footprint and microbial toxins.

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